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Faces of the Goddess


Welcome to the “Faces of the Goddess” dance series, where embodiment of the feminine divine through powerful Goddess archetypes are expressed through an infusion of Bellydance and Indian dance. Explore phrases and gestures rich in ancient Indian wisdom, layered with stylized and soulful bellydance movements to ignite a more powerful, transformative experience. These symbolic movements are skillfully blended together with a clear intention, engaging body, mind and soul, to create more balance in our lives. 


In each series we honor different incarnations of divine feminine energy, or Shakti, in the forms of Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. By "tuning in" to their specific energy frequency, each focuses on a particular intention the Goddess represents. We take time to explore each movement and meaning deeply, in a modern approach with choreographies set to exciting trap beats, world rhythms and cross-cultural music.

The program inspires growth, renewal and transformation while learning dance vocabulary, the significance behind each gesture & posture, along with the intention and deeper meanings behind them in a dynamic fusion of Indian-Bellydance. We invoke Goddess Durga for strength, empowerment and to cleanse negativities. We call upon Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity, abundance, wealth, love and nourishment, and we pursue our inner power of creativity and true spiritual understanding with the help of Goddess Saraswati. 

Each Goddess series can be taken individually, or as three phases of evolution and transformation in a program to help us rid ourselves of blocked areas in our lives, cleansing our mind, body and soul to cultivate a positive attitude and virtues for the future.

🔱 Durga:

The first phase begins with Goddess Durga. She is the warrior goddess of strength, compassion, and protection who offers courage and refuge. Her powerful spirit cleanses, shifts, uproots, and transforms. Durga gives us the insight needed to break down patterns of fear, doubts, hesitations and worries.


💖 Lakshmi:

Goddess Lakshmi represents beauty, nourishment and abundance. Her generous spirit brings material and spiritual gains, wealth, passion, and harmonious relationships to nourish our souls and nurture within. 

🦚 Saraswati:

Saraswati is the Goddess of wisdom, learning, and the arts. She governs knowledge, creative expression, expansion of the mind and the ability to experience and understand the more subtle and spiritual aspects of life. 

Combined, the 3 Goddesses form TriDevi, or the triple goddess, bringing wholeness and renewal with their transformational offerings inspiring physical, mental, and spiritual growth.


✨Each Series Includes:

  1.  6+ hours of online-instruction with Meera

  2.  A full-length Indian-Bellydance choreography added to your repertoire

  3.  A customized Goddess Workbook, which includes:

       🔸An introduction to each Goddess, and why I love working with her energy

       🔸Vocabulary and deeper meanings of movements and gestures, enriched with their underlying wisdom to help empower                your intentions

       🔸Invocation mantras, reflective journal prompts and meditations to help further connection & well-being

       🔸A breakdown of the specific chakras activated, along with their significance within each sequence

       🔸Self-care practices derived from Ayurvedic wisdom

   4.  Workshop recordings to use for personal growth and choreography 

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