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In this series, entice your senses with the nourishing energy of LAKSHMI!💖She is the Goddess of beauty, wealth, and abundance who grants prosperity and well-being, allowing your inner radiance to blossom. She is the divine inner spark within every single person, and her generosity and love offer us nurturing support on all levels of life.  She is in charge of organizing your consciousness and directing you towards your dharma, or your soul’s purpose. She ignites peace and helps us manifest abundance.  


Invite good fortune and joy into your life, and awaken the creative power of the goddess within you in this electrifying Indian-Bellydance choreography! Set to an infusion of hypnotic trap beats, divine postures, and sultry accents, this dynamic fusion will awaken your inner Lakshmi! Bring more depth and meaning to your movements as you explore a diverse blend of gestures and patterns while learning the cultural context behind them.

 🔸Embrace your beauty

 🔸Manifest your desires

 🔸Cultivate abundance into your life


1. Six (6) + hours of online-instruction with Meera

2. An Indian-Bellydance choreography added to your repertoire

3. A customized Goddess Workbook, which includes:

   👉An introduction to Lakshmi, and why I love working with her energy!
   👉 Vocabulary and deeper meanings of movements and gestures, enriched with their underlying wisdom to help empower your intentions
   👉 Invocation mantras, reflective journal prompts and meditations to help further manifest your desires
   👉 A breakdown of the specific chakras activated, along with their significance within this sequence
   👉 Self-care practices derived from Ayurvedic wisdom 


4. Workshop recordings to use for personal growth and choreography


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