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In this first series, ignite your Shakti with the powerful energy of DURGA!🔱She is the Goddess behind spiritual awakening, strength and empowerment, who breaks down barriers and limiting beliefs allowing you to see the truth and inner light. She is the Goddess of protection & courage and embodies the supreme culmination of feminine power. She is both the loving mother and the fierce warrior-goddess of strength, who is ready to battle any difficulties in our lives. She helps us move forward when we are stuck in unhealthy, redundant patterns. Goddess Durga rides a Lion and has multiple arms with weapons in her hands—each one being a tool that gives us insight into what is needed to face our struggles.


Embody, confront and transform with the dynamic power of Durga in this exhilarating Indian-Bellydance choreography set to an infusion of modern beats and classic melodies. We will be exploring a blend of dynamic movements, gestures and patterns that bring more depth and meaning to the sequence, as well as the cultural context behind them.

  🔸Shed your fears

  🔸Ignite your inner strength

  🔸Step fully into your power


1. 6+ hours of online instruction with Meera

2. A complete Indian-Bellydance choreography added to your repertoire 

3. A customized Goddess Workbook, which includes:


   👉An introduction to Durga, and why I love working with her energy!
   👉Vocabulary and Deeper meanings of movements and gestures enriched with their underlying wisdom to  help empower your intentions
   👉Invocation mantras, reflective journal prompts and meditations to help further overcome negative forces
   👉A breakdown of the chakras activated, along with their significance within this sequence

   👉Self-care practices derived from ayurvedic wisdom 

4. Workshop recordings to use for personal growth and choreography

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