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Goddess Testimonials

Calixa ​S. - New York

Greetings! I'm Calixta Starr and from Long Island NY. I found out about Meera's Faces of the Goddess program and the Lakshmi series through her Facebook page. Signing up and taking them with her has been one of the greatest dance experiences. Meera does a beautiful and thorough job of giving the cultural context, symbolic meanings and intentions behind each movement, which is an essential element when performing a culturally respectful and responsible fusion dances.


I felt she did a wonderful job supporting students of all levels and dance forms- giving variations of certain movements, very open of questions and "can you go over that one more time" requests. Her energy and passion for us to just experience the dance rather then "doing it perfect" created a comfortable, and uplifting environment in which to explore this fusion style.


I loved this series so much, I purchased the recordings of her previous series, Durga, because I didn't want to miss her teachings and studies from that series as well. I highly recommend this program/series and will absolutely continue participating in as many series as she makes within the Faces of the Goddess program.

Chandini E. - France

I really enjoyed the class. It's rare to get classes so complete in point of view of techniques and philosophy, the different energy aspect. The fusion between Indian dance and bellydance was very intelligent and inspiring.


It's really an unique formation and the theme of the goddesses is very original. That's why I would recommend it.

Lilla Varese - California

I am a professional dancer and instructor based in Southern California. I took Meera's Lakshmi workshop series and I cannot say enough good things about the experience. Meera is a consummate dance professional both in skill and creativity. The quality and depth of the material she presents, and the time, care and energy she clearly puts in provides her workshop students with an enormous value, both personally and monetarily.


Each weekly class wove together her sharing of knowledge on the Hindu goddess Lakshmi with her innovative and exciting fusion choreography combining traditional Indian dance poses and movements with Belly Dance moves and other styles to result in a beautiful, powerful and expressive style which is her unique trademark. The choreography, weaving together the traditional and the modern in an exciting, dynamic way, is challenging, but broken down so carefully with a weekly practice video to enable the students to truly master the movements, which is important for the purpose of also integrating the goddess energy and intentions, which brings a depth and meaning to the dance unlike the simple movement memorization of standard dance classes.


Meera's workshops serve to both challenge the experienced dancer, as well as provide newer dancers with all the support and practice materials they may need to fully engage with the material. The Lakshmi workshop was designed to be transformative if the students wishes to delve into the deeper symbolic and spiritual aspects, or it could also just be light and fun. That was the beauty of it: Meera provides all the material, and each student can tailor it to their own preferences based on what they are wanting to get from the experience.


Meera's generous spirit shines through in her workshops, and she backs it up with extras through emails and links, creating a rich, fulfilling dance experience that should not be missed! If you haven't taken a workshop in Meera's Goddess series yet, I highly recommend you get yourself signed up for the next one!

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