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The Art of Toning & Technique

The Art of Toning & Technique


Fusing sensuality and femininity into a 21st century workout, Meera combines the artistry of eastern-influenced belly dancing with western-inspired core strengthening and Pilates like exercises. Her fitness enriched design transforms the beauty of an ancient dance into a contemporary, vibrant and energetic workout. Meera’s enthusiastic instruction is energizing and fun for beginners and the accomplished alike!


Since ancient times, the art of belly dancing has entertained and inspired audiences worldwide. Now, let Meera take you into a world of dazzling grace and alluring style, demonstrating exactly why this art form is so enchanting. “Bellydance: The Art of Toning & Technique” includes a warm up and cool down, thorough core strengthening workout, complete dance instruction, well as Enhanced Bonus features including the world premier of an exclusive Performance Music Video “Jahanara” as the highlight Bonus Feature!

“Sculpt your body with sensuality!”

Approx 69 Mins.

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