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Bollywood to Bollydance

Bollywood to Bollydance


Capturing the thriving and phenomenally engaging movement found in the vastly popular Indian movies worldwide, Bollywood dance is bringing audiences everywhere to their feet! Now, guiding you through combinations rich in character and color, internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Meera Varma, brings you to your feet once more, keeping you in step with her own signature cinematic style!

Showcasing Bollywood Dance’s exciting blend of classical Indian, folk and western dance influences, Meera will teach you all the same dance moves that have lead her to award-winning success on the stage and screen, making you look and feel like a bonafide Bollywood movie star! “Bollywood to Bollydance” includes a warm up, cool down, complete dance instruction, an energetic and sultry workout, as well as Enhanced Bonus features including the world premier of an exclusive Performance Music Video “Maya” as the highlight Bonus Feature!


Approx 71 Mins.

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