Faces of the Goddess

What to expect:

In this incredible series, you'll immerse yourself in a creative expression of the divine feminine through Goddess archetypes. Unleash your inner power with Durga, indulge in abundance with Lakshmi, and spark your divine creativity with Saraswati. Each of these unique classes will take you on a journey to explore ancient secrets and sacred gestures thousands of years in the making! 


The Faces of the Goddess series harnesses modern techniques of gestures and phrases rich in Indian wisdom and layered with stylized belly dance movements to awaken a more powerful, transformative experience! These symbolic movements are artfully blended together with a clear intention, engaging body, mind, and soul, to create more balance in our lives. 


Each Series Includes:

  1. Eight (8) hours of online-instruction with Meera

  2. A full-length Indian-Bellydance choreography added to your repertoire

  3.  A customized Goddess Workbook, which includes:

    • An introduction to each goddess, and why I love working with her energy

    • Vocabulary and deeper meanings of movements and gestures enriched with their underlying wisdom to help empower your intentions.

    • Invocation mantras, reflective journal prompts and meditations to help further manifest your desires

    • A breakdown of the specific chakras activated, along with their significance within each sequence

    • Self-care practices derived from Ayurvedic wisdom

  4. Workshop recordings to use for personal growth and choreography

  5. Discounts on future Faces of the Goddess workshops! 


What you will need:

To attend this workshop all you will need is a computer and high speed internet. You will be able to view a full screen of me, or you can even connect your computer to your TV for larger screen viewing!

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